Advanced Flight Training Device
Entraîneur de vol avancé
Reconfigurable mono or dual-seater Simulator
Training, procedures and development
Turnkey solution

Interchangeable avionics

The avionics of the SEVpro simulators are removable and interchangeable. Thus, the same Simulator can represent different types of cockpit, analogue or digital. Avionics change in less than 30 seconds and automatically connect.

The instruments are reproduced at the 1:1 scale.

Instructor Operator Station

The Instructor Operator Station is a delitter console used by the instructor for flight training. From this console, the instructor can set all the functions of the Simulator to act in real time on the flight:

  • to break down a whole series of systems,
  • change the weather or time
  • create scenarios,
  • reposition the aircraft,
  • monitor the flight and parameters of the student’s flight in real time,
  • record the flight data for debriefing.

Aan intercom module allows the instructor to communicate with the Simulator.


Flight controls: stick or yoke

SEVpro simulators can be equipped with the choice of a joystick or a yoke (steering wheel), with or without active feedback. In two-seater configuration, the controls are coupled. The rudder is equipped with differential brakes.

The active return of effort greatly increases the realism of the flight and the immersion by restoring to the pilot the effects induced on the controls by the speed, the compensators, the vibrations set the weather

Visualization : 2 options

The SEVPro simulators can be equipped with a set of digital screens (from 1 to 5 depending on the needs) or one of a panorama curved screen of cinema type (strong contrast even of day), on which the image is video-projected.

Digital screens :                                                                                                                                                 Panoramic screens :