Aeroclub simulator
Versatile tool
Designed for initial training,
Skills maintenance

From 12 000 €ET



SEVpro-30 is a configurable training system intended for flying clubs and training centers.
The quality of its display, its remote instructor position and its ease of use make it a versatile tool for club training and promotion.

  • Single or two seats,
  • Control stick or yoke,
  • Reconfigurable avionics,
  • High quality flight models,
  • Photorealistic landscapes,
  • VFR / IFR / Night VFR
  • Interactive training scenarios,
  • Easy to transport.


The SEV-30 avionics are customizable and interchangeable. Thus, the same simulator can represent different cockpits, analog or digitals.


SEV-30 can be equipped with a set of digital screens (from 1 to 5 as needed) or a panoramic curved screen onto which the image is video-projected.

Instructor station

The instructor station is a remote console that allows the instructor to interact with his student and the flight conditions. Prepare, manage and analyze your sessions with even more efficiency.

  • In flight repositioning,
  • Live flight tracking,
  • Advanced wheather settings,
  • Weight and balance and fuel managment,
  • Failures and emergency procedures,
  • Detailed analysis and curves of the flight.

Option plateforme dynamique

SEVpro simulators can be mounted on a dynamic platform. This platform has 3 to 6 degrees of freedom, the combination of which makes it possible to reproduce the accelerations and movements experienced in flight in an aeroclub type aircraft.

Electrical connection: 230V single phase