pilot trainng

Possibilities offered by a flight training device

1. Perfect training

Working safely

  • Firsthand: discovering and experimenting
  • Learn to react to a situation before experiencing it in real
  • Confronting sensitive situations (weather, night flight)
  • Fault management and related procedures
  • Prepare a flight or a navigation before performing it in real

Improve your skill level by reducing the stress of learning

  • Learn automation
  • Training to react to situations
  • Working with specific sequences (landings)

Training without constraints

  • Do not depend on the availability of a qualified instructor
  • Do not depend on the weather conditions and the aeronautical night
  • Do not depend on aircraft availability

Explore possibilities beyond the Club

  • Flying on different airplane models,
  • Familiarize yourself with specific functions (TR, twin-engine)
  • Flying elsewhere (mountain, stranger)

2. Develop Aeroclub or school opotunities